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Getting Started International: Magnet® Program Guidance

Join Magnet® experts for a virtual education program designed specifically for international organizations considering the journey to Magnet designation.

At Getting Started International you will:

  • Gain key insights into the Magnet® Model components, eligibility criteria, application process, and document preparation
  • Better understand data requirements for nursing engagement/satisfaction, nurse-sensitive clinical quality indicators, and patient experience
  • Discuss the elements you need to consider when embarking on your Magnet® journey
  • Learn how Magnet® can help you meet the emerging challenges and changes in health care today
  • And much more!

BONUS! Register today and receive a FREE electronic copy of the 2023 Magnet® Organizational Self-Assessment and 2023 Magnet Application Manual. A $350+ value!


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ANCC's prestigious recognition programs for healthcare organizations are now accepting international applications.

Healthcare organizations around the world are searching for ways to improve patient care and quality. The American Nurses Credentialing Center's (ANCC) recognition programs for nursing excellence offer proven strategies to reach these goals.

For hospitals located outside of the United States, ANCC offers additional support and resources to assist you in pursuing Magnet Recognition.

Educational Requirements and Validation of Credentials
International applicants for the Magnet Recognition Program must demonstrate that nurses meet eligibility requirements for academic preparation and licensure.

The following eligibility requirements apply to organizations applying for the Magnet Recognition Program.

Chief Nursing Officer
Effective 2003, the CNO must hold at a minimum, a master's degree at the time of application. If the master's degree is not in nursing, then either a baccalaureate degree or doctoral degree must be in nursing. The requirement must be maintained throughout the application phase, review phase, and designation as a Magnet organization. Appointees as interim CNO must also comply with this requirement.

At the time of application all Associate Vice Presidents (AVP)/nurse directors and nurse managers must have a degree in nursing (baccalaureate or graduate degree).
If the baccalaureate degree (or higher) in nursing was obtained outside the United States, the CNO, AVP/Nurse Directors and Nurse Manager, does not need to have the degree evaluated for comparability to US degree requirements.

  • If the CNO, AVP/Nurse Directors and Nurse Manager is educated outside the United States and does not hold a baccalaureate (or higher) nursing degree, they must have their credentials evaluated for comparability to US degree standards through Commission on Graduate of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS).

Nurse Managers
A Registered Nurse with 24/7 accountability for the overall supervision of all Registered Nurses and other healthcare providers in an inpatient or outpatient area. The Nurse Manager is typically responsible for recruitment and retention, performance review, and professional development; involved in the budget formulation and quality outcomes; and helps to plan for, organize and lead the delivery of nursing care for a designated patient care area.

  • 100% Nurse Managers must have a degree in nursing (baccalaureate or graduate degree)

Nurse Leaders (Assistant Vice President/Nurse Director)

  • Nurse leaders must have a degree in nursing (bachelor's or higher).
  • Nurse leader is not a title and should not be interpreted as such for the purpose of the written documentation.
  • The definition of nurse leader is exclusive of the chief nursing officer (CNO).
  • Nurse educators who serve in the top educator role and are responsible for other nurse educators are considered nurse leaders.
  • Nurse leaders may have clinical oversight and responsibility for nurse managers or for other nurses who influence clinical care.
  • Nurses may be represented on only one eligibility table—either the Nurse Manager or Nurse Leader Eligibility Table.
    • Only nurse leaders annotated on the Nurse Leader Eligibility Table may be selected when a nurse leader example is required by the SOE.
    • Note: For applicants with flat organizational structures without nurse managers, the nurse leader may be substituted for nurse manager SOE examples.
  • Nurse leaders may report directly or indirectly to the CNO.
  • Nurse leaders practice (clinical and nonclinical) in a variety of settings (inpatient, ambulatory, or other environments) throughout the organization.
  • Other registered nurses who may broadly influence or impact the clinical practice of nurses in the organization may be considered a nurse leader. If these nurses are referenced as nurse leaders in the organization's Magnet application, they must meet the educational criteria (bachelor's in nursing or higher) and report directly or indirectly to the CNO. Examples may include, but are not limited to, RN director of risk management or quality, RN director of nursing informatics, infection preventionists, and wound ostomy nurses.
  • 100% of nurse leaders must have a degree in nursing (baccalaureate or graduate degree)

To validate international credentials, applicants must present verification from CGFNS International.
ANCC will not accept verification documents from other credential evaluating organizations.


2023 Magnet Application Manual - International Interpretation of Selected Sources of Evidence [pdf]
See more information about SE3 and SE 5 (commitment to professional development), SE4EO and SE6EO (continuous processional development), EP3EO (Registered Nurse Satisfaction/Registered Nurse Engagement), EP19EO (Nurse Sensitive Clinical Quality Indicators-Inpatient), EP20EO (Nurse Sensitive Clinical Quality Indicators-Ambulatory), EP21EO (Patient Satisfaction with Nursing [Inpatient]), EP22EO (Patient Satisfaction with Nursing [Ambulatory]) [Updated April 2024]

ANCC has successfully achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for all of its credentialing programs.

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